The mission of IDSEI is to impart diversified executive understanding in the vast field of Direct selling management and the followed system. We intend to achieve our goal by offering a relatable curriculum of strategic knowledge, through learnings and empirical training.


In addition to be serving as a reliable global measure for vital information and training for the direct selling industry. To develop an atmosphere where new ideas, facts and rigorous studies thrives to produce future leaders with enhanced managerial knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and administrative qualities.


The purposive contemporary curriculum is designed to prominently address problems faced by the
direct selling distributors in engaging and retaining their resources by focusing on the education that transforms distributors through a systematic rigorous course, and provides an understanding of the needs of prospects, and the industry. Through the educational partnering with all the direct selling distributors and the founding families, IDSEI offers people an opportunity to achieve their goals.



To be a leading global network marketing management academy that provides a transformative
education and training, to create top leaders, top title achievers, top earners and generate new strategy,
tactics for distributors and consultant.

People are working in different companies with different products and different income plans have
multiples their income and grown their business many times with organized knowledge of network
marketing through IDSEI.

We believe time is most important resources in a person’s life and this academy is an attempt to save at
least 5-6 precious years of your life. Now it’s time to give it back and we want to give it return the favor
by helping as many people as we can to fulfill their dreams.

This academy’s intention to start to impact millions of people lives around the india and to empower
people in full filling their dreams. The purpose of this academy is not to impress you but to impress up
on your heart that we can achieve anything and everything in life if we make a decision to do so.

History Of Network Marketing

In early eighties the multilevel marketing system was replaced by Network marketing. Right now Network Marketing is a giant that will out grow any other format of conventional marketing system

This industry is operable in more than 100+ countries globally and it is one of the best industry to stay profitable. And also the best opportunity to start the career. Anybody can get involved without discrimination of age, qualifications, sex, color, background and nationalism.

Future of Network Marketing Industry in India is huge and is a golden opportunity for people.

Today the size of Network Marketing Industry in India is estimated to be around 16,000 crore. As for exports and stack holders the industry has also created a positive impact on several other social and economic parameters.

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